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Trial, Mountain Off-Road Motorcycling and Mountain Biking School of the Valsesia: “in the saddle” for more than 25 years! Rich 2009 Program                   Mario Alesina, for some time now passionate for adventures in bikes and motorbikes, for over 25 years (since 1984, the year the school opened) has been the volcanic director and founder of the Trial, Mountain Off-Road Motorcycling and Mountain Biking School which is located in Morca in Varallo, in the green valley of the River Sesia, dominated by the more than 4,000 meters of Monte Rosa.Alesina (which is also the National FMI Director and as this organizes many races) and his passion have grown with courage and will and over time he gained the necessary expertise to establish a school. In a short amount of time, he has shown great practical intelligence in the choices made so as to become important reference point for all lovers of off-roading on two wheels.Working side-by-side with the Director, is a large group of qualified instructors, all professionals with experience at every level and thanks to their expertise, it has been possible to realize and consolidate a new form of sport tourism that has brought thousands of people to the Valsesia.Therefore, a type of preparation, which is serious and complete, a guarantee for the activities the School has offered since 1984. For these reasons, the range of proposals is immense: from a day or weekend full of Trial, Mountain Off-Road Motorcycling or Mountain Biking tours or weekly comprehensive courses always on two wheels, with or without an engine.All programs include preparations in athletic, psychophysical, food, mechanical engineering, and regulations and other programs: the use of heart rate monitors, travel preparation, and so on.Among the main activities, a great amount of time is reserved for Trial, Mountain Off-Road Motorcycling, Mountain Biking, Trial Cycling, Helibiking, Ski and Snow Biking as well as for fun alternatives: upon organization, rafting, hydro-speeding, kayaking, bungee jumping, summer skiing - in short, all the possibilities offered by the mountains.      Events not to miss: in April with Jordi Pascuet, one of the strongest riders in the world of trial, in May with Laia Sanz, women's world Trial champion, in May and June the Helibiking Freeriding Days repeated several times with different instructors and some of which are considered the strongest champions of Trial Biking in the world, in July the ever-now popular event with Jordi Tarres, 7-time World Trial Champion, who will return with us to train and teach, and depending on championship events, even Adam Raga, World Trial Champion for Indoors and Outdoors.The cost for 2009 has remained unchanged and very affordable; starting at €60 euros for a 3-hour lesson to €250 for a full 5-day course with a specific program, €20 an hour for motorcycle rentals and €10 for bikes to be used for lessons or excursions. The stay, which includes with video evening events, group dinners and moments of relaxation, may be enjoyed by those with all budgets. Camping facilities to luxury hotels are available and all with special prices offered to those taking part with the School and even to those accompanying them. All you must do is show the Card that is given to you at the start of the course.  For further information, reservations (at least 15 days prior) and to receive the complete 2009 program, contact the director of the School and Centro Coni Scuola Trial MTB Valsesia directly. Mario Alesina - Via Isole di Morca 4 – 13019 Varallo Sesia (Vercelli) Telephone +39.0163.53760 – Fax  +39.0163.54614 - Cell. +39.347.284.0035.   Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo         

The Trial, Mountain Off-Road Motorcycling and Mountain Biking School of the Valsesia offers skill, professionalism and experience as well as for the opportunity of discovering a wonderful angle of Italy. 



The pleasure of riding on two wheels

 The first permanent Trial, Motormountaineering and Mountain Bike School in Italy.  

Since 1984: over 20 years of teaching experience!

                                                                                                                    1984 – 2008: OVER 20 YEARS OF TEACHING EXPERIENCE The Valsesia Trial and Mountain Bike School, opened at the end of the 70s, in 2007 reached a new and important goal: twenty-four years of official and tried business. This goal is, as ever, the basis for new off-road experiences on two wheels, with or without an engine. More than twenty years is a long time, and it has allowed the development of the School side by side with the birth of Trial and Mountain Bike throughout Italy, important sports with all their known variations. Founder and director of the School is Mario Alesina, 45 years old, born and bred in the area the Valsesia Trial and Mountain Bike School is located in. A true enthusiast for the world of off-road riding, after his brilliant athletic riding career has been a focal point in activities that have led to the development of Trial, Motormountaineering and Mountain Bike not only in Valsesia. He is assisted by a qualified technical staff ready to put its organizational and human experience at the disposal of the School and its patrons. With the help of this very good staff, it has been possible to achieve and consolidate a new form of sport tourism that has brought thousands of visitors to Valsesia, the majority of whom use local touristic resources. Thanks are due also to all those who have contributed to the realization and continuity of the School, which, thanks to the Valsesia, a superb natural resource, has come of age with fine credentials and enormous opportunities of new development. The whole of the staff of the School, defined as one of the most qualified and best equipped at world level, and recognized for the great attention given to the impact on the environment as a result of each tourist use of the mountain areas, will be grateful for new and greater support in the future, from whoever such support may come, and also hopes, of course, for the continuation of all support so gratefully received to date.   For direct contacts: Scuola Internazionale di Trial e Mountain Bike della Valsesia Via Isole di Morca 4 13019 Varallo Sesia (Valsesia - Vercelli)  Italien Telefon                                   0039.0163.53760Fax                                         0039.0163.54614Handy                                     0039.347.28.400.35E-mail :                                  Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo Internet: