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A really special programme for two days of mountain life and Trial and Motormountaineering, barbeques, hearty friendship and amusement. The whole in a environment made up of beautiful Valsesian mountains and typical  chalets that have been perfectly restructured. As preferred, every day from early May to end October. The fees are 120,00 euro for the two days (exclusive of meals). The detailed programme will be sent on request.

Some of the best riders in the world will be with us during their training sessions  planned in Valsesia. Special days when you can watch their incredible manoeuvres besides learning to ride: the World Championship will live just for you. Fees unchanged.

CANOBBIO SERGIO: fun filled trial days both on natural ground and on our own artificial trial area.  The dates will be arranged according to the bookings. Fees unchanged. 
 VISCARDI FABIO: technician mechanic in charge of the racing department of some of the best pilots and champions in the world, such as Bosis, Tarres, Ahvala, ready to let you know all his secrets. The programme consists of the explanation of the setting up of: ENGINE-CONTROLS-FORKS-SHOCKABSORBER-CARBURETTOR-BICYCLE MECHANICS IN GENERAL. Apply for  dates planned. Partecipation fee (3-4 hours): euro 60,00

WEEKEND TRIAL COURSES: complete courses concentrated in 4 lessons (one on Saturday, one on Sunday, consecutively or not). Partecipation fee euro 200,00.
TRIAL COURSES FOR GIRLS AND LADIES (BEGINNERS): less engaging courses especially designed. On request either weekly or weekend. Promotion fee euro 160,00(minimum group of 5)
EVENING COURSES: May-June-July-September from 6 to 8 p.m. Complete or non-complete courses at unchanged fees
INDIVIDUAL COURSES: lessons without fixed hours or with different arrangements or various length. To be agreed upon specific requests. 10% increase on the partecipation fees of the group courses.
MINI TRIAL COURSES aimed at children aged 6-10. 3 days. Fees 100,00 euro (minimum 5 children) - One's own motorbikes.
COURSES FOR 8-13 YEAR OLDS WITH MOTORBIKE: details to be agreed upon, with compulsory attendance of a parent or an adult.
COURSES OF TRIAL MOTORBIKE MECHANICS AND UPKEEP: on specific request. Fees euro 60,00 per day (3 hours)
FREE TRIALS: for those who want to know Trial, Mountain Bike, BMT, motorbikes, helmets;  instructors will be present throughout April. Booking compulsory. 
COURSE FOR INSTRUCTORS: for experienced participants wishing to cooperate, afterwards, with the ValsesiaTrial and Mountain Bike School. Dates to be agreed upon.
ACROBATIC TRIAL LESSONS:  all acrobatics admitted. Intended for participants with excellent technical skills. Fees: lire 90,000 per day (3 hours)
LESSONS ON ARTIFICIAL GROUND: you will learn the techniques of  indoor trial in our artificial area. Fees: Euro 55 per day (3 hours)
MOTORMOUNTAINEERING EXPEDITIONS AND VARIOUS STAGES: these will be organized on request wherever possible. Fees to be established. 
SPECIAL SSDT 2009: expedition in May for the mythical Scottish Six-Day Trial. Length 7 days with air travel and motorbike hire on the spot. Book by March. Authorized travel agencies will take care of board and lodging arrangements.
SPECIAL GREECE 2011:  motormountaineering expedition in September-October. Booking by the end of July. Authorized travel agencies will take care of board and lodging arrangements. 
SPECIAL MOROCCO-TUNISIA 2011:  tourist motorbike trial adventure on tracks, gorges and dunes. Period as preferred. Booking at least 60 days before the chosen departure. Authorized travel agencies will take care of board and lodging arrangements.
SPECIAL ISOLA D'ELBA, SARDEGNA AND SICILIA: on request trial and motormountaineering on the islands. Period as preferred. Booking at least 60 days before the chosen departure. Authorized travel agencies will take care of board and lodging arrangements.

SPECIAL NEPAL IN MOUNTAIN BIKE: four departures in 2011. Authorized travel agencies will take care of board and lodging arrangements.
VINTAGE MOTOR BIKES: for all the owner of vintage motorcycles (all other motorbikes without mono shock-absorber and without disc brakes) we will organize, on request, some special lessons in which we will teach you all the tricks for complete enjoyment of the possibilities offered by vehicles which are technically inferior but which can give real driving pleasure. The instructor will attend the lessons with his own vintage motorbike. Participation only with  own motorcycle. Fees unchanged.


- Athletic training - Recommended for the trialist and the biker, both on an professional athletic and  amateur level, it consists of a half-day lesson to be dedicated to the specific physical training. The athletes aim is to succeed in using their technical abilities to the utmost, improving thus their results; the amateurs is to enjoy, thanks to  better athletic support, their sports day of Trial, Trialbike, Motormountaineering or Mountain Bike reducing, at the same time, the possibility of getting injured. The first theoretical part will be followed by a practical one, specific exercises aimed at the improvement of strength,  endurance and  mobility of the limbs. The whole with be taken care of personally by Luca Renzi, a physical education teacher at the Isef of Milano and Donato Miglio's athletic trainer, sixth in the world trial championship 1995. At the end of the lesson, a personal training plan will be fixed with every partecipant. Partecipation fee (3-4 hours):  Euro 60.

- Psycho-physical training - Particularly recommended  for  participants in the courses of "competitive trial bike and specialization", it consists of a half-day lesson to be dedicated entirely to practical exercises which have been specially devised. With didactic support equipment, the course will aim at revealing all  aspects  of both the physical and psychic sphere which may have a negative impact on your  performance. Useful knowledge to enable you to continue in the future with a  specific personal programme. The whole will be taken care of personally by Dr. Silvia Cordara, who has been concerned for several years with the sector devoted to psychology regarding motor bike sports. Partecipation  fees (3-4 hours): Euro 60.

Courses on the use of the cardiofrequencymeter are ongoing.