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REGISTRATION: in order to facilitate participation and to avoid disappointment we advise booking of  the period chosen, by sending the registration form and a 50% deposit for the combination chosen, by telegraphic money order or non-transferable cheque, at least 15 days in advance.

PRE REGISTRATION:   (minimum 60 days) accumulable 5% discount. ACCEPTANCE: 7 days before the course.
CANCELLATIONS: refund of 70% of the deposit up to the seventh day prior to the period chosen. No refund for participant's cancellation after that date.
PARTICIPATION FEES: from Euro 60 for a complete lesson (morning or afternoon) to Euro 250 for five  specifically planned days  (Trial and MTB courses). Individual participation: 10% increase. Fees for mountain bike excursions and BMT courses on the previous pages.
FEES FOR THE USE OF THE MOTORBIKE AT YOUR DISPOSAL: € 20.00 per hour of lesson, inclusive of third parties liability insurance, fuel and helmet rental. N.B. the motorbikes will be available only during the lesson hours with the instructor's attendance. Mountain bike and BMT fees on the previous pages.
RENTALS FOR TRAIL CLOTHING:  5-day weekly courses: € 10.00 per item per day;   Available: trial boots, MTB shoes,  trousers, jerseys, jackets, gloves and helmets.

INSURANCE: in additional  to the insurance of the School and  instructors, each trainee participating in any course will be automatically insured through accident insurance policy (Reale Mutua Assicurazioni) for the following amounts: euro 75000,00 in case of death, euro 75000,00 in case of permament disability. The cost of that policy is € 10.00 for a maximum of 7 days, and will be added to the participation fees.
ANNUAL MOTOCLUB CARD:  € 50.00 (optional).


All boys aged 7-13 have the opportunity to enter our trial school at particularly favourable rates. Our center's aim is to follow the pupil's athletic development forming him in all fundamental aspects to make him become a real champion, both in sport and in life.

Requirements: age from 7 to 13, parents' written authorization, medical examination, willingness to enter the world athletics by participating in mini trial races. People interested can obtain detailed information by visiting our office, after fixing an appointment.



Theoretical lessons.
Pratical lessons or natural exercise areas.
Short motormountaineering excursions (for Trial courses).
Technical assistance from the instructors.
Various spare parts immediately available for the various  motorbike brands.
Service for possible breakdowns in a specialized workshop.
Spare parts and equipment at reduced prices.
Camping sites, inns, restaurants, hotels, conventionalised at very special rates.
Final prizes and registration for trial competitions for the best (only for weekly courses).
Possibility of using motorbikes, BMT and Mountain Bikes.
Video recording of the participants and successive showing in slow motion (only for weekly courses).
Evening with Trial video.
Fun evenings for all participants in a  restaurant, at the ice-cream shop, at the disco and around the towns and villages of Valsesia.

Advice, with the opportunity of being accompanied by a local tourist guide, to personally live the most charming aspects of Valsesia, made up of a cocktail of sports adventure, nature, art, folklore and local gastronomy.

Other sports and excitement available  (some with special conventioned rates): river  canoeing descent on rapids with rubber dinghies, torrent-descent. hydrospeed, summer glacier skiing, heliskiing, mountaineering skiing, snowboard, excursions on the mountains and in the Alta Valsesia Natural Park, rock-climbing, free-climbing, trout fishing, riding, bungee jumping, hang gliding, para-gliding, archery, speleology, target-potholing, shooting on rifle range and others (book with the your course. Our organization will put you in contact with the Valsesia branch to fix all  participation details).

Possibility of excursions with road book reading techniques for the owners of endurance motorbikes. The School will also take care of activities for your partners, who will be able to take advantage of the same discounts as the trainees.

In addition, more facilities are available: gyms, open air and indoor swimming pools, tennis and bowls courts, athletics course, bowling, billiard rooms, cinemas and go on.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: 10%   from the participation fees for precomposed groups of at least 5 persons. Under 18 living in Valsesia and abroad, members Motoclub Valsesia for at least 90 days. Discount not accumulable.
MEETING: at the hall of the "CASA SOCIALE DI MORCA" at Solivo-Morca, a hamlet of Varallo just 4 Km away;  reached by the main road to Alagna.
GENERAL RULES: on request and after each registration further information with detailed programmes will be given. Everything will be done in the  full respect of nature and the environment.